Thursday, June 4, 2009

Racing results, good MRI, etc.

Hello everyone,

I have not been posting much lately and I aplogize for that. Been a bit crazy here with the new stuff Sloan has me on.
Racing is a bit tough, I managed to finish the first EFTA event and then raced Bear Brook this past weekend. Teamate John kicked butt and won with a great ride, I was only about forty minutes behind him and wound up lucky thirteenth. :)

I had no legs or strength after the second lap and lost tons of time, not that it made a big difference in the long run.

This past tuesday, 6-2-09 had a follow up MRI to see how the chemo's working on the brain and apparently it's doing the job. My nuerologist was very happy with results and shrinkage of the tumor growth.
Right after that news I was taken to another section of the hospital for my second round of this chemo, only four more after tuesday. It is two months between treatments so this will continue until about march of next year.

For now, i'll train (ride) when I can and race as much as I can, just a bit whooped from this new stuff. First round wasn't too bad but this second round is kicking my ass.
Oh well, still planning a mtn bike ride with my bud Sean in the morning, he won't make me ride too hard.

All is well and thank you for the positive emails and thoughts.

Michael Patrick