Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old days of BMX

Going through old things last week and found these results from some NBL nationals.

I have some with Tomac in them from grands in 87? I'll dig those up, just thought some of you might find these amusing.

Started racing age thirteen, was twenty one when doing this in '86 and just turned forty four. Thirty one years of competitive cycling is a bit crazy but I still enjoy it.


Pro Cruiser results:

B-Pro results:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dreaming about 2010

Usually in the middle of February I start to dream about racing, odd, unrealistic dreams from lack of racing time. Well. I'm already having them from this past year and look forward to competing again next season.

11-6-09 did a ride up at Highland, NH freeride/dh mountain, brought back memories of my old DH days, I forgot how much fun it was. My friend Chris Z. dragged me out so I threw a bike together the night before and we all had a great time!

I think that some DH might be thrown into next season, occasional race helps technical riding on top of just being fun.

End of the day, in the locker room changing back into street clothes along with another rider who I know from somewhere, can't place him. As we're leaving he asks if we know each other, so we swap names and both chuckle.

It was Adam Craig, NORBA National Champion, who I raced against quite a bit when he was in Maine and still do at nationals, we have only seen the other in xc uniform which lead to no recognition.
We talked a bit and went our separate ways just like an old New England XC race, a cool end to a great day just like old times.

Looking forward to next season, 2010 is going to be great!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Quick note: The MRI results showed that the tumor tumor had shrunk quite a bit from new treatment, pretty cool huh? New treatment has little side effects at this point, biggest is bruising easily.
Think I can handle that, hopefully this one does not take away any more memory, if it does I'll just get my name tattooed on forehead.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Great season!

Riding yesterday and realized how lucky I am, this really has been a great season regardless of any "slowdown" due to treatment.
Never would have gotten through the year without friends like Frank, Raul and my lady Joan I may have gone crazy. They all took me to places I had never ridden before and would not have done if competing, it was great! The one race where I actually rode half ass and finished fourth helped a bit also.

NEMBA rides were very cool as well, had a great time on those as well with some great trails and other new places to mtn bike.

So I've been in/out of hospital for a few new chemo treatments and riding the whole time thankfully. Some people asked what I had been on and here they are: first new one BiCNU (carmustine) was brutal and felt like fire was being dripped through iv into your vein. Second was back on Temodar 40 mg daily instead of 1 large dose monthly, it has worked for many people that way.

Carmustine worked well but by second run it was growing again, the Temodar seemed to work for a bit but after three months I knew something was up, losing my balance, memory made me nervous. I even had even stopped riding and driving for a couple of weeks due to fear of seizures and balance issue.
Late September MRI showed tumor had grown three times the size so it was time to try something new.
Did the first run of Avastin on October second, (Friday) and rode 3 1/2 hours that Sunday, small change huh?
Go in again this Wednesday for MRI, third treatment and will know more but cannot wait for next season at this point, it will be nice to race for real again. Attached a photo of my last treatment, it is a quick twenty-twenty five minute iv and then you head home. No projectile vomiting from this either.
Thanks for reading all this update info, from here on out I'll focus on riding and keep this dumb info on the back burner.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sloan /results

Hit Sloan Kettering yesterday, everything looked ok and I'll head back in a month for an MRI. We'll know then how much the tumor has been shrunk, I don't need the MRI's, when the petite malls go away I know it's going away too.

Any rate, racing in Maine this weekend (again) and everything will be just fine.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you everyone!

I would like to thank those that helped me yesterday at the XC race in Maine. I had a petite mall seizure on the first lap and did not slow down enough to ride all the way through it. When we hit the second lap, it started to come back and I tried to ride through it on the climb....oops.

This goes out to the officials and all the riders that helped as I was attempting to trot back to officials and walking into trees.
Spent a few hours in the hospital, earned a big headache and guess that was payback for pushing it so hard while on chemo.

I head into Sloan Kettering tomorrow for an update and this may speed up some new treatment.

Thanks again to everyone for their help, if I had any memory left, I'd thank you all by name. :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still here

Hey everyone,

I apologize for not posting in quite a while, must admit this summer has been boring with all the new chemo I was on.

Amazing how I thought that riding/racing would be no problem, however, finishing an average of 30-40 minutes behind guys I hung with last season made competing not much fun. Stopped racing for a bit and I've just ridden for fun which is pretty awesome! Done a few NEMBA rides along with locals, think my Superfly has gotten more exposure at those big rides than it may get at some race events.

The first round of Carmustine/BiCNU shrank tumor a lot, I was at Sloan again on 8/4/09 and it is growing again so we changed treatment. Back on Temodar just a different way, 80 mg a day for six months as opposed to the 250 a day for 5 days once a month.

Going to add Avastin next month, incredible new drug that shrinks brain tumors and keeps them from growing anymore. I'll be test rat but having seen how well it works and its approval for other tumors it will be great opportunity. Just cannot crash while on it as it thins blood, hate to knock off the tumor only to sh** the bed due to a bad singletrack move (you can laugh, that was a joke).

So any rate, I've felt better since being off the other stuff and will race again this weekend @ the EFTA Treasure Valley Rally. That should be interesting as I have no legs but hope to get them back for cyclocross season.

So that covers it all if I babbled and repeated from last post I apologize.

Take care,


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Racing results, good MRI, etc.

Hello everyone,

I have not been posting much lately and I aplogize for that. Been a bit crazy here with the new stuff Sloan has me on.
Racing is a bit tough, I managed to finish the first EFTA event and then raced Bear Brook this past weekend. Teamate John kicked butt and won with a great ride, I was only about forty minutes behind him and wound up lucky thirteenth. :)

I had no legs or strength after the second lap and lost tons of time, not that it made a big difference in the long run.

This past tuesday, 6-2-09 had a follow up MRI to see how the chemo's working on the brain and apparently it's doing the job. My nuerologist was very happy with results and shrinkage of the tumor growth.
Right after that news I was taken to another section of the hospital for my second round of this chemo, only four more after tuesday. It is two months between treatments so this will continue until about march of next year.

For now, i'll train (ride) when I can and race as much as I can, just a bit whooped from this new stuff. First round wasn't too bad but this second round is kicking my ass.
Oh well, still planning a mtn bike ride with my bud Sean in the morning, he won't make me ride too hard.

All is well and thank you for the positive emails and thoughts.

Michael Patrick

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chemo, riding and King of Burlingame Time Trial.

Little over a month since last post, had my first run of the new chemo (Carmustine) it was different than just taking the chemo pills once a month. Treatment was at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital (4/7/09) in NYC in the chemotherapy suite for iv chemo. Made sure I did two hours on the compu trainer before treatment, good thing.

I was told that it may burn the vein as it entered, a separate solution was hooked up up to dilute it and ease the burning. Well, it did burn but we figured it out and made the whole thing not that bad. Funny part was putting a heat pad on the vein area with the burning sensation, it worked.
Headed home from there picked up my new Superfly and went out to the garage for assembly, not a bad day after all really.

Felt cruddy Wed/Thur/Fri and woke up in emergency late Friday night, some chemo side effects had brought on two gran mall seizures. Bad part for me was inability to speak, when told I was staying in the hospital we discovered that my ability to punch walls was still there along with immaturity.
Good thing actually, I was a mess, couldn't speak, sight and balance was off a bit as well. MRI showed brain swelling most likely from seizures blood tests showed that required post chemo med level was very low which may have caused all of this.

Big question for me was "i can still ride, right?" but swollen brain wouldn't let me say that. Communication was gone, could not speak for about two days and even then speech level was "f***" along with "sh**" along with only thing written was the letter "k". It got better as evening approached on the second day and speech was back to some degree although while saying one thing my mind heard another.
They let me out on Sunday, and we hit Sloan the next week, Dr Nolan told me that riding/racing is okay and I've gone easy from there.

I've been riding, plan on racing at EFTA's opening NECS event, Glocester Grind on 5/17/09, that should be interesting as my legs are gone along with my ability to ride too long. Gotta fix it somehow so that should be fun, hope not to get lapped on the first lap. Feel better every time I ride and will try to do 2 hours on my compu today boring as that is.


Week before the seizure, did the 2009 King of Burlingame Time Trial had a great time while doing it, just a fun course, early in the season and usually a good thing to help judge training. Johnny Bold just hammered along and kicked butt in my class along with overall time, Kevin Hines was riding fast as well.
My teammate Thom Parsons looked great on his single speed setup along with Kurt Johnson (recovering from a recent heart attack). Full results from that event can be found below. Congrats to Andrew for his win at the root 66 opener also.

Riding the new bike now and it is great! It's better every time I am on the bike, just need some legs along with getting my lungs back.

Thanks to everyone for all the support.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Got to ride with Gary, great time!!!!

I know posting once a month is lame and it will pick up now, just been a crazy winter. Got to ride with Gary Fisher and Raul last Saturday 3/28/09 and it was just a great time. Gary hammered on the techy trails and enjoyed the ride we got in before heading back to the TREK of Fairfield event. I owe a big "thank you" to Raul for showing us where to go as he knew the area so well, was a great ride.
Raul and Gary

Gary and myself.

I'll have more up about the Gary Fisher ride/day/event in a bit, been busy traveling in and out of NYC the last two days. Monday was at Sloan for an 8 am MRI and headed home from there, I was not even in the driveway before my phone started ringing and I was told to "come back tomorrow" to talk with them.
Back yesterday and new growth has appeared over the last month so time to use something a little nastier or in my thoughts more effective. Funniest part of yesterday's visit was when I said to my doc "lets just get rid of this so I don't have to come back anymore" and he gave me a strange look, don't think people understand that "i ain't going nowhere attitude" sometimes. :)

Start the new chemo, Carmustine/BiCNU next Tuesday 4/7/09 in NYC @ Sloan Kettering for the treatment, look at the positive, helps keep my climbing weight down. Also no extra memory/brain removal needed at this time either, like I have any of either left.

Cool, no interference of race season, priorities huh?

See you in RI.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PET scan results.

Got the results the other day, not too bad, small growth of something (tumor/necrosis) another round of chemo and see what the next MRI shows.
It will be good so race season can just hammer out as usual.

Following is from my neurologist.

"I just saw the results of the PET scan. There is only mild uptake of tracer, may be a combination of both tumor and necrosis from radiation. Since you are doing so well, let’s do one more cycle of Temodar and then repeat the MRI."

USA Cycling, where does our $ go?

USA cycling updated all semi pros to pro for 2009. Yes it is the riders choice to upgrade but how many pro racers does USA Cycling have?
If they had just 200 pro racers what is done with the thirty thousand made from licence fee for the riders? Certainly most result info is from nationals or road races can found on the site, lessen fees in these times for all of us.

More important are the beginner/sport/expert classes, without them NORBA does not exist, attention should be paid to them in magazines and more on the USA Cycling website. Just a page on results from each national for ALL classes in the magazines would help build mtb racing rather than three photos of the same pros on the techy dirt road climb/descent.

The ones whom pay bills and support the mtb races deserve attention, without them there would be NO NORBA.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Spent the day in NYC today for an MRI, obviously using that to see how the chemo is working on recent tumor growth. I’ve done three rounds of Temodar chemo and feel much better as my thought’s are all here and not kicking as they were three months ago.
I’ve been riding a lot and look forward to a nice season along with preparing for cyclocross ahead of time this year.

My attitude was great going in and expected the results to be tumor shrinkage, unfortunately, MRI showed more growth and led to a long talk with my neurologist.
Could just be Radiation Necrosis which is dead tumor cell build up from my radiation last year, this eventually reverses itself and just goes away in most cases. That made more sense to both Dr. Nolan and I due to the fact that if the tumor was actually growing my head/thoughts would be skipping like a scratched cd.
Dead tumor cells may be what caused the recent issues and the chemo appearing to help may have been just timing as my brain get’s ready to trash the dead cells. He told me to do a PET scan and keep the positive attitude.

So, back to NYC next Tuesday for a PET scan, had them before and that will give us the answers we need.

Alternatives are what make me nervous, if it is actual tumor re-growth and not scar tissue, they are the following:

New drug called Avastin, not yet approved for brain use but works wonders on certain tumors and would be without surgery.


Get another brain surgery; remove new growth of tumor and then a Temodar trial that is a small daily dose treatment (5mg) rather than the (335mg) I do 5 days a month now.


PCV, (nasty stuff, not doing that).

I’ll go with the scar tissue and think nothing but positive during the 4 hour ride later today. Surgery would really mess up racing, but I’d probably be pretty fit for worlds in September. Figure at least three months recovery so my season would start in June. Any rate, I thought this should just get posted and answer some questions that were asked yesterday when we returned from NYC.

I’ll let you know the results from PET scan when received next week, meanwhile I am training my brains out. J

See some of you at the King of Burlingame Time Trial in a month and a half.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

King of Burlingame MTB Time Trial

4/5/09 is the date for a great "start the season" mtb time trial in Charlestown, RI. Only 120 riders allowed, so sign up while you can.

EFTA and NEMBA are supporting a ride there tomorrow 2/15/09 as well, should be fun and muddy, that site is

It'll be fun to get outside along with scoping out the course as well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Little more Ice Weasels Cometh

These were sent to me the other day, Rickey's lady Jade took these at the race. That yaller helmet Rickey has on is one he had to borrow, left his at home. MTB should be fun next season, both he and I will be on the Gary Fisher team, it will be great racing/training together.

I liked the smaller barriers they were much easier to bunny hop, big ones were harder to get over while riding.
The photos need to be clicked on for a full view, I did not have time to do that tonight.

Me and Rickey looking at the camera. He will be a 2009 teamate!

Ice weasel Cometh

Fun barriers @ Ice weasel cometh

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ice weasels and one more time.

Ice Weasels Cometh was just the most fun cyclocross event done in a while. It had so many turns you lost count, soft decomposing leaf/garden sections, quick plunge followed by a run up and of course the rideable barrier sections. If there is a follow up to this one next season I'll try not to fall twice on the first lap, funny part is it was still just a great time. Thanks to Thom Parsons and Colin Rueter along with the others for such a fun event.

Thought I was happy to be done and got bored quickly with nowhere to go this weekend. Thankfully, OPA OPA Winter Cross is on January 24, 2009. No usa cycling license needed, so don't worry if your loan for the new one hasn't gone through yet.

It should be fun in the snow on a 29er set up for cyclocross, if bad some ice tires will work well on that setup, loose snow and some fat tires can be used.

Some various cyclocross pics here along with the quick video Thom got of us hopping the barriers in RI, great to have a good time while racing.



The one more time statement actually applies to two things at this moment. One more cyclocross race next month and another six rounds of Temodar. Hit NYC for the MRI checkup tuesday, my nuerologist sat down with that "it's baaack" look on his face and we are giving the Temodar another shot.
The growth is minimal but over a three month period a difference in size has appeared, gotta look at the positive, keeps the weight down and helps me climb better. Plus, I silvered at worlds last time on this chemo so maybe it's time to move up a spot.

The funny part of all this is that only a few family members know and we are keeping that way until after Christmas, none of them read any of this so I can tell my friends what's going on without them finding out. I find that pretty amusing, must be the kid in me.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hi Fi Pro 29er, Presidio

Joans bike came in and she is flying! Riding down techy stuff that would have been walked down on the 26, the confidence these bikes give riders is amazing.
Here's a pic of her new Fisher, thanks goes out to Mike @ for getting this bike so fast and the great deal!


Had a small problem with my cyclocross ride a few weeks ago, ordered a new one and the shop called last week to tell it was there. I was surprised and got it all together last night for todays race.
Did not get there with time to do anything but sign up and rode the bike for the first for about 5 minutes, good thing as the stem and bars were loose. Fisher was great during race, just need to get used to a few things, i'll be ready for the RI event.


Drew, Ricky, and Thom, this is going to be a great season with you guys on board! Thom, cannot wait to see your ride, is it in yet?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just riding for fun, ordered Joans 29er!

Took a nice ride in Wallingford with Joan today, her Hi FI Pro 29er will be in Thursday so the rides will be even faster. She took one test ride at the NEMBA Fest in september and was hooked on the 29er.
Mike down @ ordered that and had a couple of Superfly's on the way in also. Think those are gone already!

Back to Wallingford, had a great ride, did some jumping and then helped a guy beat his derailluer hanger somewhat straight with rocks. :) He had been riding his brand new Trek and picked up a stick in the rear wheel, that almost removed the rear derailluer, we did the best we could.
Altogether just a fun day riding with Joan.

Oops, jumped a bit higher than I meant too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Treasure Valley Rally 8/24/08

Sorry about delay in posting, finally discovered what the online problem was and paid to have it corrected. Here are some race updates and current stuff will be up as well.

August 24, 2008

Treasure Valley Rally

Two weeks off, had some time to get ready for this one by sleeping and getting some time in on the bike. Felt better when I got to the EFTA in NH for the new XC race on schedule.
The course started out fast with some wide track in the first ½ mile before hitting single track, four of us riding together John Foley and Nathan Rinquist attacked while Paul Simoes and I followed. Paul lived nearby and knew the course very well so we made up time on techy areas and were together again until the steep climb.

Paul’s single speed status slowed him down a bit there and allowed the three of us to get away as we headed into the second lap. John attacked again on lap two and was almost out of sight as we were sliding through a wet, rocky/rooty section, it was then that Nathan slid out a bit and I got by.
Finally caught up to John as we hit lap three and followed him until single track section approached, attacked in the woods and managed to escape mid lap. Held on to the lead and crossed the line happy with that win, it helped me earn the EFTA elite title. This was more appreciated since my last surgery and treatment, for some reason since that I've had one of my best seasons ever. (knock on wood)

The course turned out to be fun also, plenty of fast open sections along with technical single track that was almost impossible to ride in certain sections.
Just been a great season with EFTA,already looking forward to 2009!



Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to Sloan Kettering 9/16/08

Heading into Sloan Kettering, NYC tomorrow for an MRI, these help keep track of any possible change in detail since the last one. I am actually a bit nervous but cannot say much to family as they worry more and ask way too many questions.

That being written, no more worries, MRI will go well and I’ll give results tomorrow when back home.
Lets face it this last surgery did something right, best season I’ve ever had and that was just from some extra brain/tumor removal.

Well, it really was the Superfly 29er but figured I’d try to take some credit.

Funniest part of this whole thing to me is the song “If I Only Had a Brain” that pops into my thought occasionally when having a bad day. I must have been smarter as A kid. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hodges Village Dam 8/10/08

Haven't done this one in a few years, it's a fast course and you just hammer from start to finish.
Good crew showed up, Thom Parsons, Mark McCormack, Rickey Visinski, etc. and we flew out when they said go. Lap 1 group stayed together, headed into lap 2 someone attacked in an open spot before we hit the woods and that broke us up a bit. I'd been grabbing for a bottle at that point and got dropped a bit, chased for a while but just lost heart and let 'em go.
Last lap Mike Joos passed me and was dead serious about the race, that got me moving again.
Wound up fifth and was very glad I had done the race, time is an issue right now with training and sleep so I needed it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fort Rock Revenge EFTA # 8

Doing some things the other day on the pc and realized that I haven’t updated this or the Gary Fisher page in over a month! Racing/riding/recovery has run my life a bit this season, been fun and i'll enjoy that before sliding back into real world.
After Mt Snow I did not do much for two full weeks, let that course get to me for no good reason at all. Got over it and started riding again in order to prep for the Fort Rock Revenge EFTA event in NH on 8/3/08.

Fort Rock can be brutal in many aspects, fast sections are plentiful, yet there is more climbing than you realize and it’s so rough overall that you wonder where your hands are at the end. They usually start to go numb second lap from the beating taken in some of the stone infested single track!
Started out fast chasing Matt O’Keefe along with Matt Boobar, O’Keefe took off and was flying even after a horrific crash, as we caught him he just picked up the bike and took off again. That made me a bit nervous as this was ten minutes into a long event and we’re already racing flat out.
Speaking of flats Matt Boobar was out with one halfway through lap one and it was a chase the leader race for two and a half hours. I made up some time and was within a minute going into the last when a root/rock caught my front wheel and I slammed body/head into the ground.
Things did not make sense for a while after that but just kept going and stayed in second crossing the line. No excuse, Matt was pulling away regardless, he had an awesome race. This course did make me realize that full suspension is needed badly for a few select races next season.
Great course, but man did I go home with a headache, and I thought with only half a brain that wouldn’t happen anymore. J

1 12 MATTHEW OKEEFE 2:32:44 200
2 7 MICHAEL PATRICK 2:35:59 190
3 8 JON BERNHARD 2:48:38 178
4 4 PAUL SIMOES 2:49:56 164
5 9 TOM SAMPSON 2:56:01 148
6 2 BOB LESMERISES 2:58:43 130
7 6 CHRIS GAGNON 3:04:17 110

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three races/one post

Three in one


NYCMTB, Pinnacle and Mt Snow NORBA Nats all in one.

Did the only mtb race that happens in NYC, new course kicked butt this year! Only in the city can you have a course 2/3 super techy in the woods and 1/3 with asphalt, climbs and crazy five flights of stair descent.
Those were the best! Three flights, then sharp left down the last two followed by sharp right at the bottom.

We had a small but quick crew racing, knew it would be a fast one especially with Mike Mooradian and Jurgen Beneke as just two of the guys there. Start was fast, Jurgen and Mike took off on first ½ lap, started to catch up a bit as we headed into the first full lap and was warming up when I finally caught up with Mikey. Passed after he made a bad turn (right not left) and then we rode together until the drop-off, at least I thought it was smart folk rode around it. Done it before and this time my derailleur was removed from frame, oh well Mike took off and Jurgen took second, fun to watch but bummed I did not finish.

The Pinnacle, Newport, NH

EFTA NECS # 6 7/13/06

Just a great race and one I was looking forward to as it contains plenty of climb with awesome descent through a wide variety of trail. Some techy single track climbing and descent along with the old ski jump drop into the field makes for a bit of everything.

Started out with the ten guys and just slid back into seventh-eighth after the sprint as we climbed dirt road and headed into the single track. Started to warm up a bit and move along as open spots became available and went for the lead after the first half lap of climbing was set and descent was upon us.
Man that was fun! Whole course could be that way but is not and after catching some air off the old ski jump work started all over again. Next three laps were just crazy, stopped to re-set rear wheel and then two more to get tire sealer to set in sidewall scrape, watched Tom Sampson ride by on the last lap as I spun the tire sideways on third stop and attack started from there.
Escaped from him about halfway through and just pushed it in case the tire blew, thought that lead would help while riding a flat, never had to worry about it. Nice to take the win heading into Mt Snow.

Mt Snow Nationals XC

Arrived two days early and that was a very good thing! First pre-ride on Thursday my right brake handle dropped a pivot/screw and there went the rear brakes. Headed downhill at the time of course, parts were not available anywhere until Gary Fisher team truck hooked me up with ALL the parts including the brake handle that was messed up and had started the whole issue. Thank you guys!

That got done Friday and a quick pre-ride was made, wow my bike was over geared, this was going to be a learning experience. Looked in the Fisher tent and noticed what the team 29er rides were using, more thought goes into this than I realized.
Saturday at two o’clock we took off and it was just a climb for twenty two/descend for eight lap that I would be doing, not much of the old techy to make time in and the gears from heck made it rough.

Did all four and had a great time going downhill, just ordered the new sprockets and will get used to riding with that setup between now and Fort Rock Revenge, EFTA # 7
Regardless of course or gearing it pointed out a couple things that need some work, sleep/time on bike.

Moody Park 6/29/08 Mudfest

Sunday June 29, 2008

Moody Park, EFTA Series # 4.

Headed out to NH to Moody Park for the EFTA series # 4 on 6/28, pre-rode the course and it was a mess from the rain we’d had the past few days. Thunderstorms took place all night from there and did not make it any better for race day. Figured running would be the focus Sunday morning.
Our class was small as some riders chose to do the Mt Snow pre-race that was held on the same day but still all very fast racers. Matt Boobar, Chris Gagnon and Noah Taylor had also shown up to race in the mud fest.
Whistle blew and off we went into the woods for the first of 4 laps, Matt took off with Chris, Noah and myself behind as we all hammered for the woods. Singletrack sections usually ridden were not even halfway usable at this point so running became the issue within the first mile, at least gravity cavity was wide open and let you shoot down one side more than fast enough to carry your ride into the techy climb on the far side.
One of the open climbs we all worked together, I moved past Matt to pull/lead for a bit before dumping back into the single track section prior to the start/finish area. When I came out of the single track later I did not see anyone with me so decided to do the just keep that pace and see how it held. Matt and Noah are a bit taller with the longer legs so I fugured “make time where I could” from there just held a steady pace and ran a lot! Rode over the line after three more laps for the win with Matt in second and Noah third.

This was taken after race while eating a snickers bar.

My 29er is what got me through this event, unbelievable how well it handled all the mud we raced in, some rain during the event would have been very helpful for wash off for shifting/braking but that’s racing. Glad my LAKE shoes tied off also, the shoestrings kept them on when the velcro came undone, new latched set on it’s way from them now. I am old, don’t deal well with change so it took the mudfest to make an upgrade to a not all velcro shoe.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clifford Park, EFTA # 3


Headed out to Maine to do Clifford Park EFTA # 3 on Saturday for the pre-ride, great course! Just an old time New England setup that is well known for its technical setup. It contains a lot of rocks, ledge, roots along with off camber and just some other insane sections. If you can manage to ride through those crazy ones without touching down it makes you smile.

Oh yeah, $500.00 purse, race promoter Pat is a kick a** dude. :)

We had a tough Elite/Pro class show up Matt, Drew, Jon, Paul, Chris, Todd, Skip and Chris.
Started out and just hung with the guys as they hammered up the road and passed a couple of guys as we entered single track, rode with Paul and John for bit then made way by as spots opened up in order to go after Matt and Drew.

Hammered along with Drew and passed at a left turn that had a hidden line found the day before while pre-riding, and chased after Matt from there. Got by Matt in a new single track section on second lap and just rode hard trying to make time knowing that traffic would soon be an issue.
Lap three I was working along at a decent but “don’t kill yourself” pace when I heard someone yell for Drew behind me, dumb ass mikey looked back and fell on left side hard. Bars twisted no time to fix just got up and rode with Drew whom had caught up after that brainiac stunt of mine.
We fought through traffic together and after falling again in the same spot on lap four I just got angry and started moving and getting some riders between us before the last climb and open section.

Tactic worked and the people between us held Drew where I wanted him to stay, attacked at the right place also felt stronger at the end, odd.

Great race with Drew, Matt and everyone else, can’t wait to get to Moody Park next week!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Channel 3 country camp Root 66 xc

Channel 3 race is part of the and was a great course this season, just a bit of everything from flat and fast to tight and techy then short and steep climbs just in case you were getting bored. Never stopped pedaling for long on that one and if you did it was usually just to pick up the bike and run up/over something.
Temp was brutal, in the nineties when starting at 2pm so I wore the camelback and pre-hydrated much as possible night before/day of.
Great crew to race against, point leaders Thom Parsons and Aaron Oakes were there along with Mike Joos, Greg Carpenter, John Foley, Nathan, Matt....the list was fast!

Took off at the start and just worked on staying with the pack, even in the heat my old legs take a while to warm up. Thom, Greg and a few others already had a gap at the first big log hop/run over and from there I started to move by a rider or two also.
We hit the first open road section and a few more spots became available as I was warming up quicker than usual due to the temp. Knew Matt O'keefe was having some problems as I passed him on the second climb and as we hit the the top I got the the chills, started drinking my GU 2/0 like a fiend and they passed. Kept drinking steady the next four laps after that, and chills did not return.
Moved into third next lap behind Greg and John, Greg flatted soon after that, John and I rode by knowing he could catch up easily if the repair went well so we picked it up bit. Rode together for most of the lap until I got over the rock/log on the new tight climbing section by just brute force and using chainring for traction. Made a bit of a gap and figured I should attack in case the blow up of legs occur.
Just rode hard rest of race and felt very good as I crossed the line, have not won a pro race in a bit so that was cool.
Nathan Rinquist was second followed by John Foley, Mike Joos and Mike Bartlett. Both Aaron and Thom had bike problems and had to dnf. Got some great thunderstorms afterwards that cooled things off but ended podium photography, check out he has an interesting sketch on his page.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

EFTA # 2, Coyote Hill and more catching up.

EFTA # 2 was interesting this weekend, started off and watched the pack ride away and out of sight. Hour later my legs warmed up so I started riding hard just a tad late for this one, timing and warming up are key this season more than ever.
Still wound up third as some others had issues with course speed and tech sections so no complaints.
Course was fast and open with some tight twisty track thrown in as well, very fast and exactly the type I needed the work on.

Sponsors of this event and medical missions for children, all profits went back to that organization.

Week before was Coyote Hill and another late warm up caused some issues, I was in a pack of riders a few behind Thom Parsons and he escaped just in time. He rode out of site once free of the restraint, that motivated me to work through the tight pack/single track. Only problem was that as I attacked and passed the last rider my focus was to determined on getting by and not paying attention to the ninety degree turn that had to be made.
I took out him, myself and a few from behind ran me over also, too eager first lap huh? Spent six seven minutes fixing the bike after that fiasco so it was just a catch who I could from there. Great workout, wound up fifteenth, thank you Jamie for being so cool about the little take down.

I'll start posting again daily, timing is everything.

Next MRI is 6/17 and all will be well, got the 29er how can anything go wrong? :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Battenkill Roubaix and various info

Sorry for the not posting recently, been busy trying to recover and train.

I did Battenkill Roubaix last month and had a great time, that is until I blew up on the last climb and watched everyone ride away. Considering time off I felt great but caught some odd virus directly after that event and was off the bike almost two straight weeks.

Funny actually, was so dizzy could not even walk straight, must have looked great in public wandering around trying to get somewhere. Back on the bike and trying to catch up, should peak late in the season and that works well here in New England due to season length and cyclocross.

Yes, already thinking about cyclocross, what's wrong with me? :) I need to go to cycling anonymous meetings in order to deal with the fixation on it.
The 29er is 22.6 lbs set up for fast races and 23.3 for rough ones, that bike is da bomb! I am thrilled with it's performance at this point, just need to work on mine.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MRI Results

Spent all day at Sloan Kettering in NYC today, MRI this morning and follow up appointments afterwards.

Both Nuerologist and Radiation Oncologist were pleased with todays MRI results after the recent radiation therapy, nothing left of the tumor.

Want to say that it's in full remission but only time will tell, bit nervous even writing positive about this, don't want to hex the situation. :)

Tumor is/was anaplastic oligodendroglioma, not popular, with a strange habit of making a comeback.
There, those are the facts to cover bases but here is where I stand: hate to ruin a tumors day, but I am moving on with life, can't waste anymore time with ana oli.

Race season is here and now it can be focused on.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I will keep you posted as I'm in and out of Sloan, now it's time to chat about friends, cycling and helping others.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time trial result.

King of Burlingame Time trial last weekend was fun, just a bit cold for me.

Course was great, started fast then right into wet rock sections and great single track before opening up a bit and back to techy riding, you hit one short road section and the last slight uphill that lead to the finish line. Pushed it very hard on the final section to make up for some mistakes, harder than I ever have in the past.

About fifty feet past the finish line I just leaned over and threw up a bit, assume it was from that last 1/2 mile, now that was cool! Don't know if that effort would have been given considering my lack of fitness in the past, but Sunday something just made me go harder.

Maybe radiation helped by eradicating useless thought patterns such as "stop, you're going to keel" that works for me.

Hope to see some of you @ Battenkill-Roubax next Saturday, I was out on the road for the first time today and my butt is in deep trouble next weekend.

Oh, I finished 4th in my class (Paul Curley got me again!) and 7th overall at Burlingame TT, no complaints at all.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bike photos

Been a bit busy getting both rides set for the season. Here are the Superfly photos, great bike, think a bit of super hero recovery time needed for me to own up to this Fisher.
Joan and I met up with Brian Pierce Sunday morning, he was all set on his Superfly, learned quite a bit from watching/following.

Time trial this weekend should be a great one, funny feeling Brian's still gonna be king after chasing him on Sunday.(He is the current King of Burlingame time trial champ)

Thought a few might see the spoke guard photo and laugh. After the locked wheel/spoke/chain problem last season at Bradbury Mountain in Maine I started using them. Look a bit nerdy, but it works,

I will have a few nice clean photos up later, see some of you at the TT.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Superfly is a great ride!!

Finally got out on the Superfly Friday, then Saturday and again today. The steering is tight, it climbs well and rides over practically anything with very little effort and plenty of foot clearance, all around best bike I've been on in years.

Hope I can catch up to the bike soon, fitness is definitely hurting a bit from time off/treatment, thats no problem, little more work.

I may not be this smiley/happy during or after Battenkill-Roubaix due to suffering while climbing but that is what racing is all about. Finding out exactly where you stand on that day.

Pete took this photo before our ride today, posting it for everyone to get a smile. Doc says that the hair should grow back on the left side and I certainly hope so. Otherwise, have to grow it really long on the top/right so it can pulled over to look cool. :)

I forgot to ask Pete to take a picture of the new ride but my camera should be back tomorrow, if it shows I'll post some of the Superfly.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Superfly arrived yesterday! I messed around with that all day instead of riding, guess it will be muddy tomorrow.
No photos yet, camera is out for service, a medium with pedals mounted and SRAM XO Twist shifters comes in @ 23.3 lbs. Lose a bit more with XTR Cassette, different big ring and a few other items.

I am psyched to have the opportunity to be part of the 2008 Fisher 29er Team, hope I can live up to what may be expected this season.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sloan visit

Hit Sloan Kettering again on Wednesday for a quick appointment with my neurologist, everything is cool for now, he said my hair should grow back so I have that going for me. MRI on 4/15 to check out where it stands and will do chemo from there for roughly five to six weeks. Not worried about the chemo, it's been done before and was helpful for keeping me at a good climbing weight last time, eating is not a high priority. :)

Cannot help joking about this because last time on it I had a great season, always best to look at the positive. TEMODAR is the name of the product, doing this to off what may be left of tumor cells after radiation treatment.

Hope to have enough time to participate in the Ride For Research out of Boston in May, going to to be tough this year getting started so late.
Great event that I've done in the past, family and friends of those whom are left behind tend be the largest participants, makes you appreciate your own health along with the family just a bit more.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Phoenix Park/Mask

My brother and I walked by this daily on my way to Sloan for treatment, found the "drinking consultants" title above the left window humorous. Here it is Doug, 2008 will be a better season for the Jets, myself a Rams fan, think I may take the year off.

I was allowed to take the mask/head holder home on Tuesday, best part was when mom left this in a Sloan Kettering bag by the Bloomingdale cashier after we paid and walked away.

The salesman caught us as we walked out the door, handed the bag over and wished us good luck, somewhat funny look on his face. Don't know what I am going to do with this, good costume party mask if trimmed correctly for sight, etc. I know it fits me so it has that going for it. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Treatment finished

Radiation ended on tuesday, look forward to getting some mileage in, spending some time with friends and prepping for race season.

Not having to wake up everyday at 5:00 AM to hit the train and once again getting some sleep should help make recovery from this fast and easy. Follow up MRI in April will show it's been beaten.
Lemond arrived last Thursday, Fisher 29er on it's way. Just pre-registered for the EFTA time trial event in RI on 4/6 and that should be fun, always a good course layout.
Hope to see you there.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't hit your head :)

Rode outside yesterday for the first time since the brain work in December, remember one thing and learned another.
Pete and I took the cyclocross rides out on some nice single/double track, it was a great time. Made 99% of them and decided to cruise down a steep boulder into a rock pit that thought differently.
The stones at the bottom took me and the right hip out pretty well but my bike was not damaged, priorities here.
Later on, cruising through a field, managed to catch the front wheel in a rut. Over the bars and into the grass headfirst, slid a few feet and stood up to see stars.

Weird, stars everywhere, faded after a few and we rode home from there, fun to explain to the doc tomorrow after treatment. She mentioned something about brain being swollen from radiation treatment, easy workouts, safety, etc. at our original appt.

Regardless, it was great to be outside and I'll be doing it again next weekend, just a bit more slow/safe.
New Fisher Parogon should be in this week, Madone 6.9 for the road is coming in as well, cannot wait to get out on these!
Learned a lot from watching Pete, his smooth riding much better in many cases than the bomb through dh attitude I have.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair, the good old days

Going through some things yesterday, found an old photo album.
This one is pretty embarrassing but what the heck, must have thought I was Frampton back then and he still has more hair.

Bob Eazarsky on the far left, Darrin Waterbury in the middle and wise a** on the right, forget what was said to get the obnoxiuos point at the # plate and myself stunt. See Darrin occasionally, have not seen Bob in about fourteen years.

A friends dad took this photo, never heard the end of it, August 4, 1985 back when I didn't know anything (too much alice cooper "18"). This was in Guilford, CT at one of the best courses ever designed, Footeland BMX was the name, run by the Landon's and it just kicked butt!

BMX definitely helped later on when bunny hopping during cyclocross races or potholes on the road.
Still have my old race bike from the eighties, can't ride it now unless clipped in. Funny, because hopping on a picnic table when younger was not a big deal with open pedals, I must be aging.

Friday, February 8, 2008

No complaints

In an out of Grand Central everday helps one realize that there is not much to complain about. I stop for coffee often and one day accidently sat near the "yeller" as I have titled her.

She tends just to yell about bad service at the station, expense of product, on and on, it is hard to zone out when you sit next to her. SHE IS LOUD.

My poor mother found out this week when "yeller" went off about "nobody knows how to do their job" while standing directly behind her.

Life is pretty good, family, friends, racers and sponsors support and are with me through all the bs. Some people not always as lucky, I appreciate the help offered without ever having to ask.

This year, more than just the fundraising events, some good time donation will be put in also.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Met Lance

I had just walked in the door today after my radiation treatment, was tired and about to take a nap when the phone rang. A friend from the hospital called to tell me that Lance was going to be there later today to speak with patients and family.

So I hopped back on Metro North for another ride to NYC a half hour later.

Lance Armstrong did give a small speech today at Sloan Kettering and I found it very helpful. The positive attitude he carries towards fighting cancer was great to hear in person and very inspiring for all patients there to hear it.

I did the geeky thing afterwards, had him sign my '08 Gary Fisher catalog and a good friends jersey. Talked a bit about cycling, he will be racing the Trek 9.9 SSL mtn bike soon. Would liked to have talked more, but could not hold the line up any longer with bikes/racing chat. :)

He is a great guy with a positive attitude, doing the right thing and helping fight cancer.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great week

Had a positive week during my treatment. Two of the specalists working with me are avid cyclists, leads to some interesting conversation and makes time fly.

Have not ridden since last sunday, getting used to this schedule has been a bit harder than anticipated. Think I actually may be a bit whooped from the two weeks of treatment at this point also but refuse to deal with that.

Road frame in and it will be built up in a few weeks, have a photo up in a few days, new camera on its way.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radiation Therapy, 6 down 27 to go. :)

Here are a few photos from a radiation therapy session. The mask makes sure that no head movement occurs and helps prevent damage.
Treatment is going well just makes you a bit tired, try to sleep on the train back, then hit the computrainer when I get home.

Only 27 more sessions, then training, race season, fund raising and work can go back to full time.
New bike orders made today also, can't wait to start building them when they arrive. Gary Fisher 29er Crew is where I hope to be this season. Know all the details in a few weeks.
All I can say is that racing the Superfly this year should be a blast!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Radiation/riding again.

Treatment started on 1/18. I had been sent in the previous friday just to be fitted with a Hannibal Lecter like mask and they make the real one from that. Need the mask so your head doesn't move, don't want to radiate the wrong section.
Doctors had to take photos of that and they are pretty amusing, trying to get copies from the hospital to post.

Actual therapy is not a big deal at this point, 5 minutes of radiation beam shooting into the head at different points and then you go home. Seemed to take away a bit of appetite, so climbing well shouldn't be an issue this season. :)
This is a Monday-Friday treatment for the next six weeks and then I am finished.

Still waiting for test results from the Fish study (for 1p/19q deletion). This will give more answers on re-growth and all the other bull****.

Training is cool, just easy riding for now, lots of miles on the computrainer for the next two months. Give my head time to fit in a helmet properly.

On the real plus side I am ordering the road bikes and Fisher will be sending out the '08 bike soon also! Cannot wait to get out there and race.

Thanks for all the support.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Treatment day

Got the word from Sloan last week on treatment. I head in on wednesday to be setup for radiation therapy. It starts friday, six weeks and it's all done. They removed all tumor that could be seen and this treatment will destroy any remaining cancerous cells.

It should clear things a few years and give them time to invent an easier treatment that will beat tumors, grow back good brain. :)

Got permission to ride again, hook up the bike and computrainer tomorrow, should be fun after six weeks off.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Registered at noontime for this one! Should be in half a** shape within four months, depends on when I am allowed back on bike.
Probably delayed bike return a bit on wednesday when I decided to easily shovel and chop the driveway ice away. Picking the shovel up and heard something go "pop" in my head. Doc told me that just pushes healing time back!

Now forcing myself to go easy and not do anything too physical or fast.

Need to be ready for race season.

Patience is a virtue I'll start working on now.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Back from Sloan Kettering

Hey everyone,

I missed the last few weeks of New England cyclocross prepping for surgery and then spent last week in NYC at Sloan getting it done.

Back home now, no complaints, only issue is no riding for at least a month and for some reason I have a headache. :)
Attached this photo from post surgery, people kept asking, so here it is.

Far as the tumor, it upgraded to a cat III which is actually a positive thing. There is more treatment available in this form than the previous, lucky to be around this day and age.

All you need to do while at the hospital is swing by the kids section, any and all complaints about yourself get tossed out the window. Children are amazing with their strength and positive attitude when it comes to all of this.

Feel I've learned more from them about survival in some ways than the doctors and hospitals.

Already planning next season, heading back out for UCI masters worlds in Pra Loup, France, no time to hang out doing nothing here.

Thank you for all the support,
Michael Patrick