Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hi Fi Pro 29er, Presidio

Joans bike came in and she is flying! Riding down techy stuff that would have been walked down on the 26, the confidence these bikes give riders is amazing.
Here's a pic of her new Fisher, thanks goes out to Mike @ for getting this bike so fast and the great deal!


Had a small problem with my cyclocross ride a few weeks ago, ordered a new one and the shop called last week to tell it was there. I was surprised and got it all together last night for todays race.
Did not get there with time to do anything but sign up and rode the bike for the first for about 5 minutes, good thing as the stem and bars were loose. Fisher was great during race, just need to get used to a few things, i'll be ready for the RI event.


Drew, Ricky, and Thom, this is going to be a great season with you guys on board! Thom, cannot wait to see your ride, is it in yet?


Big Bikes said...

The Supah-dupah-Fly SS is slated to come sometime in January.I'm in the process of gathering parts for it. Can't frickin' wait.

We'll have to get out for some rides over the off-season. I'll be down at The NBX sunday, we'll talk.


mooradian said...

The kool aid has taken effect, I'm racing a 29er for next year if my leg troubles get straightened out. Can't wait for spring Hope you are doing well