Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ice weasels and one more time.

Ice Weasels Cometh was just the most fun cyclocross event done in a while. It had so many turns you lost count, soft decomposing leaf/garden sections, quick plunge followed by a run up and of course the rideable barrier sections. If there is a follow up to this one next season I'll try not to fall twice on the first lap, funny part is it was still just a great time. Thanks to Thom Parsons and Colin Rueter along with the others for such a fun event.

Thought I was happy to be done and got bored quickly with nowhere to go this weekend. Thankfully, OPA OPA Winter Cross is on January 24, 2009. No usa cycling license needed, so don't worry if your loan for the new one hasn't gone through yet.

It should be fun in the snow on a 29er set up for cyclocross, if bad some ice tires will work well on that setup, loose snow and some fat tires can be used.

Some various cyclocross pics here along with the quick video Thom got of us hopping the barriers in RI, great to have a good time while racing.



The one more time statement actually applies to two things at this moment. One more cyclocross race next month and another six rounds of Temodar. Hit NYC for the MRI checkup tuesday, my nuerologist sat down with that "it's baaack" look on his face and we are giving the Temodar another shot.
The growth is minimal but over a three month period a difference in size has appeared, gotta look at the positive, keeps the weight down and helps me climb better. Plus, I silvered at worlds last time on this chemo so maybe it's time to move up a spot.

The funny part of all this is that only a few family members know and we are keeping that way until after Christmas, none of them read any of this so I can tell my friends what's going on without them finding out. I find that pretty amusing, must be the kid in me.


Wheels said...

I hope this is the last off-season training regimine you'll have to endure. You climb fast enough as it is! Keep the faith and good humor, we're rooting for you!

Big Bikes said...

I'm still looking for a shot of you hopping The Ice Weasels single barrier into run up section, it's gotta be out there somewhere.

Good luck with the chemo stuff, hoping this'll be it as far as that stuff goes for you.

Be well man, we'll ride this off season.

bikemike said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts guys, i'll try not to vomit on anyone this season. :)

Can't wait to see your new ride Thom, photos as soon as it arrives!

rick is! said...

good luck man. you can lick it!

mikejoos said...

impressive bunny hops!!!