Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't hit your head :)

Rode outside yesterday for the first time since the brain work in December, remember one thing and learned another.
Pete and I took the cyclocross rides out on some nice single/double track, it was a great time. Made 99% of them and decided to cruise down a steep boulder into a rock pit that thought differently.
The stones at the bottom took me and the right hip out pretty well but my bike was not damaged, priorities here.
Later on, cruising through a field, managed to catch the front wheel in a rut. Over the bars and into the grass headfirst, slid a few feet and stood up to see stars.

Weird, stars everywhere, faded after a few and we rode home from there, fun to explain to the doc tomorrow after treatment. She mentioned something about brain being swollen from radiation treatment, easy workouts, safety, etc. at our original appt.

Regardless, it was great to be outside and I'll be doing it again next weekend, just a bit more slow/safe.
New Fisher Parogon should be in this week, Madone 6.9 for the road is coming in as well, cannot wait to get out on these!
Learned a lot from watching Pete, his smooth riding much better in many cases than the bomb through dh attitude I have.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair, the good old days

Going through some things yesterday, found an old photo album.
This one is pretty embarrassing but what the heck, must have thought I was Frampton back then and he still has more hair.

Bob Eazarsky on the far left, Darrin Waterbury in the middle and wise a** on the right, forget what was said to get the obnoxiuos point at the # plate and myself stunt. See Darrin occasionally, have not seen Bob in about fourteen years.

A friends dad took this photo, never heard the end of it, August 4, 1985 back when I didn't know anything (too much alice cooper "18"). This was in Guilford, CT at one of the best courses ever designed, Footeland BMX was the name, run by the Landon's and it just kicked butt!

BMX definitely helped later on when bunny hopping during cyclocross races or potholes on the road.
Still have my old race bike from the eighties, can't ride it now unless clipped in. Funny, because hopping on a picnic table when younger was not a big deal with open pedals, I must be aging.

Friday, February 8, 2008

No complaints

In an out of Grand Central everday helps one realize that there is not much to complain about. I stop for coffee often and one day accidently sat near the "yeller" as I have titled her.

She tends just to yell about bad service at the station, expense of product, on and on, it is hard to zone out when you sit next to her. SHE IS LOUD.

My poor mother found out this week when "yeller" went off about "nobody knows how to do their job" while standing directly behind her.

Life is pretty good, family, friends, racers and sponsors support and are with me through all the bs. Some people not always as lucky, I appreciate the help offered without ever having to ask.

This year, more than just the fundraising events, some good time donation will be put in also.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Met Lance

I had just walked in the door today after my radiation treatment, was tired and about to take a nap when the phone rang. A friend from the hospital called to tell me that Lance was going to be there later today to speak with patients and family.

So I hopped back on Metro North for another ride to NYC a half hour later.

Lance Armstrong did give a small speech today at Sloan Kettering and I found it very helpful. The positive attitude he carries towards fighting cancer was great to hear in person and very inspiring for all patients there to hear it.

I did the geeky thing afterwards, had him sign my '08 Gary Fisher catalog and a good friends jersey. Talked a bit about cycling, he will be racing the Trek 9.9 SSL mtn bike soon. Would liked to have talked more, but could not hold the line up any longer with bikes/racing chat. :)

He is a great guy with a positive attitude, doing the right thing and helping fight cancer.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great week

Had a positive week during my treatment. Two of the specalists working with me are avid cyclists, leads to some interesting conversation and makes time fly.

Have not ridden since last sunday, getting used to this schedule has been a bit harder than anticipated. Think I actually may be a bit whooped from the two weeks of treatment at this point also but refuse to deal with that.

Road frame in and it will be built up in a few weeks, have a photo up in a few days, new camera on its way.