Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MRI Results

Spent all day at Sloan Kettering in NYC today, MRI this morning and follow up appointments afterwards.

Both Nuerologist and Radiation Oncologist were pleased with todays MRI results after the recent radiation therapy, nothing left of the tumor.

Want to say that it's in full remission but only time will tell, bit nervous even writing positive about this, don't want to hex the situation. :)

Tumor is/was anaplastic oligodendroglioma, not popular, with a strange habit of making a comeback.
There, those are the facts to cover bases but here is where I stand: hate to ruin a tumors day, but I am moving on with life, can't waste anymore time with ana oli.

Race season is here and now it can be focused on.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I will keep you posted as I'm in and out of Sloan, now it's time to chat about friends, cycling and helping others.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time trial result.

King of Burlingame Time trial last weekend was fun, just a bit cold for me.

Course was great, started fast then right into wet rock sections and great single track before opening up a bit and back to techy riding, you hit one short road section and the last slight uphill that lead to the finish line. Pushed it very hard on the final section to make up for some mistakes, harder than I ever have in the past.

About fifty feet past the finish line I just leaned over and threw up a bit, assume it was from that last 1/2 mile, now that was cool! Don't know if that effort would have been given considering my lack of fitness in the past, but Sunday something just made me go harder.

Maybe radiation helped by eradicating useless thought patterns such as "stop, you're going to keel" that works for me.

Hope to see some of you @ Battenkill-Roubax next Saturday, I was out on the road for the first time today and my butt is in deep trouble next weekend.

Oh, I finished 4th in my class (Paul Curley got me again!) and 7th overall at Burlingame TT, no complaints at all.