Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three races/one post

Three in one


NYCMTB, Pinnacle and Mt Snow NORBA Nats all in one.

Did the only mtb race that happens in NYC, new course kicked butt this year! Only in the city can you have a course 2/3 super techy in the woods and 1/3 with asphalt, climbs and crazy five flights of stair descent.
Those were the best! Three flights, then sharp left down the last two followed by sharp right at the bottom.

We had a small but quick crew racing, knew it would be a fast one especially with Mike Mooradian and Jurgen Beneke as just two of the guys there. Start was fast, Jurgen and Mike took off on first ½ lap, started to catch up a bit as we headed into the first full lap and was warming up when I finally caught up with Mikey. Passed after he made a bad turn (right not left) and then we rode together until the drop-off, at least I thought it was smart folk rode around it. Done it before and this time my derailleur was removed from frame, oh well Mike took off and Jurgen took second, fun to watch but bummed I did not finish.

The Pinnacle, Newport, NH

EFTA NECS # 6 7/13/06

Just a great race and one I was looking forward to as it contains plenty of climb with awesome descent through a wide variety of trail. Some techy single track climbing and descent along with the old ski jump drop into the field makes for a bit of everything.

Started out with the ten guys and just slid back into seventh-eighth after the sprint as we climbed dirt road and headed into the single track. Started to warm up a bit and move along as open spots became available and went for the lead after the first half lap of climbing was set and descent was upon us.
Man that was fun! Whole course could be that way but is not and after catching some air off the old ski jump work started all over again. Next three laps were just crazy, stopped to re-set rear wheel and then two more to get tire sealer to set in sidewall scrape, watched Tom Sampson ride by on the last lap as I spun the tire sideways on third stop and attack started from there.
Escaped from him about halfway through and just pushed it in case the tire blew, thought that lead would help while riding a flat, never had to worry about it. Nice to take the win heading into Mt Snow.

Mt Snow Nationals XC

Arrived two days early and that was a very good thing! First pre-ride on Thursday my right brake handle dropped a pivot/screw and there went the rear brakes. Headed downhill at the time of course, parts were not available anywhere until Gary Fisher team truck hooked me up with ALL the parts including the brake handle that was messed up and had started the whole issue. Thank you guys!

That got done Friday and a quick pre-ride was made, wow my bike was over geared, this was going to be a learning experience. Looked in the Fisher tent and noticed what the team 29er rides were using, more thought goes into this than I realized.
Saturday at two o’clock we took off and it was just a climb for twenty two/descend for eight lap that I would be doing, not much of the old techy to make time in and the gears from heck made it rough.

Did all four and had a great time going downhill, just ordered the new sprockets and will get used to riding with that setup between now and Fort Rock Revenge, EFTA # 7
Regardless of course or gearing it pointed out a couple things that need some work, sleep/time on bike.

Moody Park 6/29/08 Mudfest

Sunday June 29, 2008

Moody Park, EFTA Series # 4.

Headed out to NH to Moody Park for the EFTA series # 4 on 6/28, pre-rode the course and it was a mess from the rain we’d had the past few days. Thunderstorms took place all night from there and did not make it any better for race day. Figured running would be the focus Sunday morning.
Our class was small as some riders chose to do the Mt Snow pre-race that was held on the same day but still all very fast racers. Matt Boobar, Chris Gagnon and Noah Taylor had also shown up to race in the mud fest.
Whistle blew and off we went into the woods for the first of 4 laps, Matt took off with Chris, Noah and myself behind as we all hammered for the woods. Singletrack sections usually ridden were not even halfway usable at this point so running became the issue within the first mile, at least gravity cavity was wide open and let you shoot down one side more than fast enough to carry your ride into the techy climb on the far side.
One of the open climbs we all worked together, I moved past Matt to pull/lead for a bit before dumping back into the single track section prior to the start/finish area. When I came out of the single track later I did not see anyone with me so decided to do the just keep that pace and see how it held. Matt and Noah are a bit taller with the longer legs so I fugured “make time where I could” from there just held a steady pace and ran a lot! Rode over the line after three more laps for the win with Matt in second and Noah third.

This was taken after race while eating a snickers bar.

My 29er is what got me through this event, unbelievable how well it handled all the mud we raced in, some rain during the event would have been very helpful for wash off for shifting/braking but that’s racing. Glad my LAKE shoes tied off also, the shoestrings kept them on when the velcro came undone, new latched set on it’s way from them now. I am old, don’t deal well with change so it took the mudfest to make an upgrade to a not all velcro shoe.