Monday, March 31, 2008

Bike photos

Been a bit busy getting both rides set for the season. Here are the Superfly photos, great bike, think a bit of super hero recovery time needed for me to own up to this Fisher.
Joan and I met up with Brian Pierce Sunday morning, he was all set on his Superfly, learned quite a bit from watching/following.

Time trial this weekend should be a great one, funny feeling Brian's still gonna be king after chasing him on Sunday.(He is the current King of Burlingame time trial champ)

Thought a few might see the spoke guard photo and laugh. After the locked wheel/spoke/chain problem last season at Bradbury Mountain in Maine I started using them. Look a bit nerdy, but it works,

I will have a few nice clean photos up later, see some of you at the TT.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Superfly is a great ride!!

Finally got out on the Superfly Friday, then Saturday and again today. The steering is tight, it climbs well and rides over practically anything with very little effort and plenty of foot clearance, all around best bike I've been on in years.

Hope I can catch up to the bike soon, fitness is definitely hurting a bit from time off/treatment, thats no problem, little more work.

I may not be this smiley/happy during or after Battenkill-Roubaix due to suffering while climbing but that is what racing is all about. Finding out exactly where you stand on that day.

Pete took this photo before our ride today, posting it for everyone to get a smile. Doc says that the hair should grow back on the left side and I certainly hope so. Otherwise, have to grow it really long on the top/right so it can pulled over to look cool. :)

I forgot to ask Pete to take a picture of the new ride but my camera should be back tomorrow, if it shows I'll post some of the Superfly.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Superfly arrived yesterday! I messed around with that all day instead of riding, guess it will be muddy tomorrow.
No photos yet, camera is out for service, a medium with pedals mounted and SRAM XO Twist shifters comes in @ 23.3 lbs. Lose a bit more with XTR Cassette, different big ring and a few other items.

I am psyched to have the opportunity to be part of the 2008 Fisher 29er Team, hope I can live up to what may be expected this season.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sloan visit

Hit Sloan Kettering again on Wednesday for a quick appointment with my neurologist, everything is cool for now, he said my hair should grow back so I have that going for me. MRI on 4/15 to check out where it stands and will do chemo from there for roughly five to six weeks. Not worried about the chemo, it's been done before and was helpful for keeping me at a good climbing weight last time, eating is not a high priority. :)

Cannot help joking about this because last time on it I had a great season, always best to look at the positive. TEMODAR is the name of the product, doing this to off what may be left of tumor cells after radiation treatment.

Hope to have enough time to participate in the Ride For Research out of Boston in May, going to to be tough this year getting started so late.
Great event that I've done in the past, family and friends of those whom are left behind tend be the largest participants, makes you appreciate your own health along with the family just a bit more.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Phoenix Park/Mask

My brother and I walked by this daily on my way to Sloan for treatment, found the "drinking consultants" title above the left window humorous. Here it is Doug, 2008 will be a better season for the Jets, myself a Rams fan, think I may take the year off.

I was allowed to take the mask/head holder home on Tuesday, best part was when mom left this in a Sloan Kettering bag by the Bloomingdale cashier after we paid and walked away.

The salesman caught us as we walked out the door, handed the bag over and wished us good luck, somewhat funny look on his face. Don't know what I am going to do with this, good costume party mask if trimmed correctly for sight, etc. I know it fits me so it has that going for it. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Treatment finished

Radiation ended on tuesday, look forward to getting some mileage in, spending some time with friends and prepping for race season.

Not having to wake up everyday at 5:00 AM to hit the train and once again getting some sleep should help make recovery from this fast and easy. Follow up MRI in April will show it's been beaten.
Lemond arrived last Thursday, Fisher 29er on it's way. Just pre-registered for the EFTA time trial event in RI on 4/6 and that should be fun, always a good course layout.
Hope to see you there.