Monday, March 31, 2008

Bike photos

Been a bit busy getting both rides set for the season. Here are the Superfly photos, great bike, think a bit of super hero recovery time needed for me to own up to this Fisher.
Joan and I met up with Brian Pierce Sunday morning, he was all set on his Superfly, learned quite a bit from watching/following.

Time trial this weekend should be a great one, funny feeling Brian's still gonna be king after chasing him on Sunday.(He is the current King of Burlingame time trial champ)

Thought a few might see the spoke guard photo and laugh. After the locked wheel/spoke/chain problem last season at Bradbury Mountain in Maine I started using them. Look a bit nerdy, but it works,

I will have a few nice clean photos up later, see some of you at the TT.


rick is! said...

whatcha talking about? I thought the pie plate gave you street cred... said...

Ha, i remember the Bradbury race. Probably the best race of the year. You will dig the 29 bike for Bradbury this year.

bikemike said...

Hey Andrew,

It should be a fun muddy run this weekend. Can't find your email, could you email me at the one attached to this page so I can buzz you?

Mike said...
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mooradian said...

Looks great Can't wait to race against you this year in the efta series. Its amazing how well run it is compared to the other race series