Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Superfly is a great ride!!

Finally got out on the Superfly Friday, then Saturday and again today. The steering is tight, it climbs well and rides over practically anything with very little effort and plenty of foot clearance, all around best bike I've been on in years.

Hope I can catch up to the bike soon, fitness is definitely hurting a bit from time off/treatment, thats no problem, little more work.

I may not be this smiley/happy during or after Battenkill-Roubaix due to suffering while climbing but that is what racing is all about. Finding out exactly where you stand on that day.

Pete took this photo before our ride today, posting it for everyone to get a smile. Doc says that the hair should grow back on the left side and I certainly hope so. Otherwise, have to grow it really long on the top/right so it can pulled over to look cool. :)

I forgot to ask Pete to take a picture of the new ride but my camera should be back tomorrow, if it shows I'll post some of the Superfly.


rick is! said...

that hairline should make for some sweet vent hole tan lines!

can't wait to see pics of the superfly!

suitcaseofcourage said...

Great to hear you're getting back on the bike. And I think the current hairline looks much cooler than any combover would, fer sure. Hope we can get out for a ride soon.

"Wheels" Wheelden said...

Bike pics are a dime a dozen. More ultimate "combover" pics will make you a legend! Glad you're having fun riding.

Jason said...

Yeah, I vote combover too! That would turn some heads for sure. Make the Slipstream guys with their statches look like chumps!

mikejoos said...

Instead of a combover a mo-hawk would be another option.