Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radiation Therapy, 6 down 27 to go. :)

Here are a few photos from a radiation therapy session. The mask makes sure that no head movement occurs and helps prevent damage.
Treatment is going well just makes you a bit tired, try to sleep on the train back, then hit the computrainer when I get home.

Only 27 more sessions, then training, race season, fund raising and work can go back to full time.
New bike orders made today also, can't wait to start building them when they arrive. Gary Fisher 29er Crew is where I hope to be this season. Know all the details in a few weeks.
All I can say is that racing the Superfly this year should be a blast!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Radiation/riding again.

Treatment started on 1/18. I had been sent in the previous friday just to be fitted with a Hannibal Lecter like mask and they make the real one from that. Need the mask so your head doesn't move, don't want to radiate the wrong section.
Doctors had to take photos of that and they are pretty amusing, trying to get copies from the hospital to post.

Actual therapy is not a big deal at this point, 5 minutes of radiation beam shooting into the head at different points and then you go home. Seemed to take away a bit of appetite, so climbing well shouldn't be an issue this season. :)
This is a Monday-Friday treatment for the next six weeks and then I am finished.

Still waiting for test results from the Fish study (for 1p/19q deletion). This will give more answers on re-growth and all the other bull****.

Training is cool, just easy riding for now, lots of miles on the computrainer for the next two months. Give my head time to fit in a helmet properly.

On the real plus side I am ordering the road bikes and Fisher will be sending out the '08 bike soon also! Cannot wait to get out there and race.

Thanks for all the support.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Treatment day

Got the word from Sloan last week on treatment. I head in on wednesday to be setup for radiation therapy. It starts friday, six weeks and it's all done. They removed all tumor that could be seen and this treatment will destroy any remaining cancerous cells.

It should clear things a few years and give them time to invent an easier treatment that will beat tumors, grow back good brain. :)

Got permission to ride again, hook up the bike and computrainer tomorrow, should be fun after six weeks off.