Monday, January 7, 2008

Treatment day

Got the word from Sloan last week on treatment. I head in on wednesday to be setup for radiation therapy. It starts friday, six weeks and it's all done. They removed all tumor that could be seen and this treatment will destroy any remaining cancerous cells.

It should clear things a few years and give them time to invent an easier treatment that will beat tumors, grow back good brain. :)

Got permission to ride again, hook up the bike and computrainer tomorrow, should be fun after six weeks off.


Jesse G said...

Best of luck Mike. After treatment you will be stronger both mentally and physically. Stay positive.

Jesse G.

PS - I flagged your BLOG on my site.

Andrew said...

Mike, good to hear you are doing well. I wish you the best. I will link you on my web site I am still working on parts of it, but its looking good. I will see you at the races this spring. Take care
-Andrew Freye (remember we duked it out at Nutmeg games a few years back until the last 1/2 lap, we drove back from WV with Marry etc... just in case you forgot)

Jason said...

Good luck. You're truly inspiring.


info said...

Glad to hear your able to ride again,
and I almost wanna see that mask you made.
I'm in Cleveland finishing coaching at, If you are ever close enough and wanna have a great weekend on your mtb bike check it out. Heading home tomorrow for a couple of weeks till the next event in Valencia Ca. gotta get some many house choirs to do this winter.
Anyway keep in touch I'll check out your blog.

Thom P. said...

Hey Mike, good to see you out here on the "Blogosphere".

Didn't realize you were still undergoing treatment. You are one tough son of a bitch. Can't imagine the stuff you've been through.

Looking forward to trying (in vain) to hold your wheel this coming season. Get well and come back strong.


bikemike said...

Thank you for the support and good vibes everyone.
It is truly appreciated here.

Mike P