Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radiation Therapy, 6 down 27 to go. :)

Here are a few photos from a radiation therapy session. The mask makes sure that no head movement occurs and helps prevent damage.
Treatment is going well just makes you a bit tired, try to sleep on the train back, then hit the computrainer when I get home.

Only 27 more sessions, then training, race season, fund raising and work can go back to full time.
New bike orders made today also, can't wait to start building them when they arrive. Gary Fisher 29er Crew is where I hope to be this season. Know all the details in a few weeks.
All I can say is that racing the Superfly this year should be a blast!


Jason said...

Way to go man. Knock that sh*t out! You must be geeked for those new rides. The Superfly should be damn sweet!

Take care.


rick is! said...

dang, thats a hannible lectre type mask you've got on there. good luck with the treatments.

Wheels said...

Superfly looks sick! Might take a bit more strength to jump over me like you did in Biddeford! Keep up the posi-mo.

rick is! said...

woops, I must have missed teh fact that you already made the hannible connection. I didn't mean to copy you, promise!