Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't hit your head :)

Rode outside yesterday for the first time since the brain work in December, remember one thing and learned another.
Pete and I took the cyclocross rides out on some nice single/double track, it was a great time. Made 99% of them and decided to cruise down a steep boulder into a rock pit that thought differently.
The stones at the bottom took me and the right hip out pretty well but my bike was not damaged, priorities here.
Later on, cruising through a field, managed to catch the front wheel in a rut. Over the bars and into the grass headfirst, slid a few feet and stood up to see stars.

Weird, stars everywhere, faded after a few and we rode home from there, fun to explain to the doc tomorrow after treatment. She mentioned something about brain being swollen from radiation treatment, easy workouts, safety, etc. at our original appt.

Regardless, it was great to be outside and I'll be doing it again next weekend, just a bit more slow/safe.
New Fisher Parogon should be in this week, Madone 6.9 for the road is coming in as well, cannot wait to get out on these!
Learned a lot from watching Pete, his smooth riding much better in many cases than the bomb through dh attitude I have.


Wheels said...

Ever thought of riding on the road?! Jeez, be careful out there!

bikemike said...

Next Sunday is road day! Pete can srape me off the ground on that one. :) Nice to not be on a trainer.

rick is! said...

seriously. your first time back out and you hit the trails, on a cx bike no less! take it easy, we want to see you at the start lines this summer. :)

suitcaseofcourage said...

Hey Michael! Just found your email re this site - I'll echo the others and ask that you TRY to ramp up slowly! Looking forward to keeping up w/your blog. L8er