Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Met Lance

I had just walked in the door today after my radiation treatment, was tired and about to take a nap when the phone rang. A friend from the hospital called to tell me that Lance was going to be there later today to speak with patients and family.

So I hopped back on Metro North for another ride to NYC a half hour later.

Lance Armstrong did give a small speech today at Sloan Kettering and I found it very helpful. The positive attitude he carries towards fighting cancer was great to hear in person and very inspiring for all patients there to hear it.

I did the geeky thing afterwards, had him sign my '08 Gary Fisher catalog and a good friends jersey. Talked a bit about cycling, he will be racing the Trek 9.9 SSL mtn bike soon. Would liked to have talked more, but could not hold the line up any longer with bikes/racing chat. :)

He is a great guy with a positive attitude, doing the right thing and helping fight cancer.


Wheels said...

Dang, that's cool. Tough to stay composed in the face of a legend!

mikejoos said...

Wow, what a great opportunity. I just found this blog I’ve been meaning to tell you nice job @ nationals. You’ve got a lot better since the previous time @ mount snow when you were riding bottom ten w/ me.I hope you keep improving, you’re an inspiration.

mooradian said...

Glad I found this blog. Can't wait to race with you this season. EFTA is where its at.

Jason said...

That must have been cool. No way I would have been able to muster anything but some mindless babble.

bikemike said...

I was cool for about 15 seconds and then turned into a kid meeting Superman and babbled incoherently. :)

Have a photo of the Fisher catalog posted later on.

mlg wikar said...

mikey, i wonder if you would edit/update this now... how I miss you, buddy.
ill be good. :-)