Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair, the good old days

Going through some things yesterday, found an old photo album.
This one is pretty embarrassing but what the heck, must have thought I was Frampton back then and he still has more hair.

Bob Eazarsky on the far left, Darrin Waterbury in the middle and wise a** on the right, forget what was said to get the obnoxiuos point at the # plate and myself stunt. See Darrin occasionally, have not seen Bob in about fourteen years.

A friends dad took this photo, never heard the end of it, August 4, 1985 back when I didn't know anything (too much alice cooper "18"). This was in Guilford, CT at one of the best courses ever designed, Footeland BMX was the name, run by the Landon's and it just kicked butt!

BMX definitely helped later on when bunny hopping during cyclocross races or potholes on the road.
Still have my old race bike from the eighties, can't ride it now unless clipped in. Funny, because hopping on a picnic table when younger was not a big deal with open pedals, I must be aging.


Jason said...

Hair is overrated! At least that's what I tell myself as I get older!

I have some similar pics of myself with my Mongoose BMX. I sported less racing gear and more Adidas. And less Frampton and more David Cassidy ;)

Hope all is goin well Micahel!


bikemike said...


When do we see the David Cassidy BMX photos? Adidas were great, my checkered Vans always ripped open in the toe area.

Things are great thank you, thirteen more days.


Jason said...

If I can find it they'll be up. Better yet, it was taken with a freaking Polaroid! Every pair of Vans I EVER had hav ripped in the toe. Note to self- clip toe nails!

Keep it goin'!

Salami said...

Wow!Love the Net!Hey Mike,John "Salami".OMG,like 14 years or so.Loved the old school photos!Still doing the massage(Soigneur)thing.Moving to Europe at the end of the month.Keeping the cycling "dream"alive.Jersey BMX'ers rule!Haha

bikemike said...


Found one of your BMX stickers last month when going through a bag of saved things from the old days.

Please email me at the address here! Would like to make contact before you leave for europe.

Old days were fun, mtb is pretty cool too, road kind of runs it all though. :)
Last time I ran into you was NORBA Nats at Big Bear exactly 14 years ago.
Hope to talk soon,

Shela said...

Wow!!! It IS you! Googled your name over the years wondering whatever became of your blue eyes ;) You look great, especially considering the challenges you've faced! Keep smiling,

Shela (remember me?!)