Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just riding for fun, ordered Joans 29er!

Took a nice ride in Wallingford with Joan today, her Hi FI Pro 29er will be in Thursday so the rides will be even faster. She took one test ride at the NEMBA Fest in september and was hooked on the 29er.
Mike down @ tonysbikes.com ordered that and had a couple of Superfly's on the way in also. Think those are gone already!

Back to Wallingford, had a great ride, did some jumping and then helped a guy beat his derailluer hanger somewhat straight with rocks. :) He had been riding his brand new Trek and picked up a stick in the rear wheel, that almost removed the rear derailluer, we did the best we could.
Altogether just a fun day riding with Joan.

Oops, jumped a bit higher than I meant too.


mikejoos said...

are you jumping something or doing the biggest bunny hop ever. i don't see a jump?

andrewfreye.com said...

yo whats up teammate? Yup thats right I am on the 29'er Crew for 09! We will have a wicked strong showing in NE for 09!

bikemike said...

Hey guys! Yes mike there's a foot high jump behind me with a nice lip for good air time. I hit it too fast the one shot and just went straight up. :)

Andrew, congrats! I can't wait until 2009 season starts.