Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you everyone!

I would like to thank those that helped me yesterday at the XC race in Maine. I had a petite mall seizure on the first lap and did not slow down enough to ride all the way through it. When we hit the second lap, it started to come back and I tried to ride through it on the climb....oops.

This goes out to the officials and all the riders that helped as I was attempting to trot back to officials and walking into trees.
Spent a few hours in the hospital, earned a big headache and guess that was payback for pushing it so hard while on chemo.

I head into Sloan Kettering tomorrow for an update and this may speed up some new treatment.

Thanks again to everyone for their help, if I had any memory left, I'd thank you all by name. :)



Big Bikes said...


sounds like a tough one,
Glad you came out alright. Can't believe what you put yourself through.
I'm pretty sure you love racing your bike more than anyone I know.



Wheels said...

Glad to hear you came out of it OK. You ripped the descent on the first lap. It would have made me dizzy too at that speed! Get well and I hope to see you on the CX scene.

rick is! said...

Mike, glad to hear you're ok. You have no idea how guilty I felt when I heard after the race what had happened since it occured to me that you must have been slipping into the seizure just as I passed you and I did nothing. Of course I didn't know at the time but I look back and realize how bad you looked.

mikejoos said...

hey Mike,

Sorry to hear about the seizure and i'm glad to hear your ok.

Wishing you the best,


Jason said...

Glad to hear you're well Mike. Keep in going!

Take care,


Tom said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for posting this. I am so happy to hear that you're OK. I was there with you when you went down after trying to walk out of the woods. I guess it scared me more than it did you! I went online last night to research what to do to assist somebody having a seizure. You are an amazing competitor. See you at the next race!

Rob said...

Keep fighting Mike. You're one tough competitor.

glen said...


Just saw this through 'manicmtbr's post on I was the guy who came across you on the trail first, and let me say I got mighty scared mighty fast. You had come by me at the beginning of that lap / climb - and we exchanged friendly words as you motored away up the climb. Thankfully a racer / EMT came up on us soon, then a fella who knew what was going on - AND we were near a marshal. We've ridden together in different races in different paces (and in different classes) - and I always mention how freakin' cool / nice you are out on course - and strong. I'm the bigg-ish guy in the Colavita Kit on a black Yeti ASR. I had no idea what you've been through, and am humbled and motivated by the strength you obviously possess.

Glad to hear everything is OK.

glen g.
a/k/a glenzx on