Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Spent the day in NYC today for an MRI, obviously using that to see how the chemo is working on recent tumor growth. I’ve done three rounds of Temodar chemo and feel much better as my thought’s are all here and not kicking as they were three months ago.
I’ve been riding a lot and look forward to a nice season along with preparing for cyclocross ahead of time this year.

My attitude was great going in and expected the results to be tumor shrinkage, unfortunately, MRI showed more growth and led to a long talk with my neurologist.
Could just be Radiation Necrosis which is dead tumor cell build up from my radiation last year, this eventually reverses itself and just goes away in most cases. That made more sense to both Dr. Nolan and I due to the fact that if the tumor was actually growing my head/thoughts would be skipping like a scratched cd.
Dead tumor cells may be what caused the recent issues and the chemo appearing to help may have been just timing as my brain get’s ready to trash the dead cells. He told me to do a PET scan and keep the positive attitude.

So, back to NYC next Tuesday for a PET scan, had them before and that will give us the answers we need.

Alternatives are what make me nervous, if it is actual tumor re-growth and not scar tissue, they are the following:

New drug called Avastin, not yet approved for brain use but works wonders on certain tumors and would be without surgery.


Get another brain surgery; remove new growth of tumor and then a Temodar trial that is a small daily dose treatment (5mg) rather than the (335mg) I do 5 days a month now.


PCV, (nasty stuff, not doing that).

I’ll go with the scar tissue and think nothing but positive during the 4 hour ride later today. Surgery would really mess up racing, but I’d probably be pretty fit for worlds in September. Figure at least three months recovery so my season would start in June. Any rate, I thought this should just get posted and answer some questions that were asked yesterday when we returned from NYC.

I’ll let you know the results from PET scan when received next week, meanwhile I am training my brains out. J

See some of you at the King of Burlingame Time Trial in a month and a half.



Big Bikes said...

I'll be thinking positive for you too Mike. Hope all goes wel, see you at Burlingame.


1speedTi said...


I'll be pulling for you. See ya on the trials.


Jason said...

Good luck. Thoughts are with you.

rick is! said...

aww man. good luck. hope to see you this summer.

Wheels said...

I hope you got some encouraging news. Train hard!