Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Got to ride with Gary, great time!!!!

I know posting once a month is lame and it will pick up now, just been a crazy winter. Got to ride with Gary Fisher and Raul last Saturday 3/28/09 and it was just a great time. Gary hammered on the techy trails and enjoyed the ride we got in before heading back to the TREK of Fairfield event. I owe a big "thank you" to Raul for showing us where to go as he knew the area so well, was a great ride.
Raul and Gary

Gary and myself.

I'll have more up about the Gary Fisher ride/day/event in a bit, been busy traveling in and out of NYC the last two days. Monday was at Sloan for an 8 am MRI and headed home from there, I was not even in the driveway before my phone started ringing and I was told to "come back tomorrow" to talk with them.
Back yesterday and new growth has appeared over the last month so time to use something a little nastier or in my thoughts more effective. Funniest part of yesterday's visit was when I said to my doc "lets just get rid of this so I don't have to come back anymore" and he gave me a strange look, don't think people understand that "i ain't going nowhere attitude" sometimes. :)

Start the new chemo, Carmustine/BiCNU next Tuesday 4/7/09 in NYC @ Sloan Kettering for the treatment, look at the positive, helps keep my climbing weight down. Also no extra memory/brain removal needed at this time either, like I have any of either left.

Cool, no interference of race season, priorities huh?

See you in RI.



Big Bikes said...

We should see if they'll let us Team Time Trial!

See you down there.


rick is! said...

that's cool to meet and ride with the man.

good luck with the treatment.

Wheels said...

I hope Gary appreciated the fact he was riding with a legend!

craig mello said...

Mike, good talking with you at the TT yesterday. You the man! good luck this week.

Anonymous said...

Good luck today Mike. Kick it's a$$!

Adam Snyder said...

hey Mike I hope things are going well. anyways update your site i wanna hear some race reports, yo gotta keep me updated with the east coast antics.

Raineman said...

Yo Miguel! Got your BB wrench and Gu cap.
Had a excellent time at Michaux.
Keep poking your doc in the eye. See you on the course soon.