Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PET scan results.

Got the results the other day, not too bad, small growth of something (tumor/necrosis) another round of chemo and see what the next MRI shows.
It will be good so race season can just hammer out as usual.

Following is from my neurologist.

"I just saw the results of the PET scan. There is only mild uptake of tracer, may be a combination of both tumor and necrosis from radiation. Since you are doing so well, let’s do one more cycle of Temodar and then repeat the MRI."


Wheels said...

Awwright, put the hammer down!

Raineman said...

Temodar training for the Michaux Mash....ingenious!

Thanks for catalyzing the trip Mike!

bikemike said...

It was a fun race with an incredibly tough course one would love to have in their backyard for training.

Al rode great, kicked butt and placed well in a brutal race!!!
Lap two was his first flat, lap three was the second flat, Al just fixed ‘em and kept going while many others would have called it quits at that point.

He showed a very positive attitude, learned quite a bit from that while watching.

Can't wait until next year and hope we can take half of the EFTA crew along. :)

Sam said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this again! However, good news and I'm glad you can race! Tear it up!