Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hodges Village Dam 8/10/08

Haven't done this one in a few years, it's a fast course and you just hammer from start to finish.
Good crew showed up, Thom Parsons, Mark McCormack, Rickey Visinski, etc. and we flew out when they said go. Lap 1 group stayed together, headed into lap 2 someone attacked in an open spot before we hit the woods and that broke us up a bit. I'd been grabbing for a bottle at that point and got dropped a bit, chased for a while but just lost heart and let 'em go.
Last lap Mike Joos passed me and was dead serious about the race, that got me moving again.
Wound up fifth and was very glad I had done the race, time is an issue right now with training and sleep so I needed it.

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suitcaseofcourage said...

Always great to see the reports and that you're still racing. And props for regaining some motivation - which certainly paid off with the top 5 placing!