Friday, December 21, 2007

Back from Sloan Kettering

Hey everyone,

I missed the last few weeks of New England cyclocross prepping for surgery and then spent last week in NYC at Sloan getting it done.

Back home now, no complaints, only issue is no riding for at least a month and for some reason I have a headache. :)
Attached this photo from post surgery, people kept asking, so here it is.

Far as the tumor, it upgraded to a cat III which is actually a positive thing. There is more treatment available in this form than the previous, lucky to be around this day and age.

All you need to do while at the hospital is swing by the kids section, any and all complaints about yourself get tossed out the window. Children are amazing with their strength and positive attitude when it comes to all of this.

Feel I've learned more from them about survival in some ways than the doctors and hospitals.

Already planning next season, heading back out for UCI masters worlds in Pra Loup, France, no time to hang out doing nothing here.

Thank you for all the support,
Michael Patrick


Wheels said...

Glad to hear all went well. I hope you can get back on your bike soon and speed down the "road" to recovery. Better make sure some of those alternative treatments aren't on the UCI banned list!!

rick is! said...

Mike, great to see things went well. See you in the trenches in 08!

BBAker said...

This is the young kid you met at the Sterling cross trying to sell his cross bike after a crash... glad to see you are doing well and even better that you are staying positive. cant wait to see you on the trails when the snow storms turn to rain storms... May God Bless you,
Brandon Baker

Anonymous said...

Michael you are a breath of fresh air in what can be a negative world. Shout out from Hatchville. Met you at the rainy Coonamessett Farm October 5, 2008 xcountry race, at the pit stop with my sister Michelle!!! Gotta love the name! I was going to take your photo but my camera battery ran out of juice. You showed us the thigh bruise from wiping out on the roots of the tree near the animal barn. Ouch. If I read anything in the paper I'll let you know what happened to the guy they took out in the ambulance. Keep smiling and riding. You are awesome.