Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old days of BMX

Going through old things last week and found these results from some NBL nationals.

I have some with Tomac in them from grands in 87? I'll dig those up, just thought some of you might find these amusing.

Started racing age thirteen, was twenty one when doing this in '86 and just turned forty four. Thirty one years of competitive cycling is a bit crazy but I still enjoy it.


Pro Cruiser results:

B-Pro results:


dclogic said...

I was at that race! Mike do you remember me?
-David Cook

Mary said...

David cook huh? That's funny. I really do not understand how the betting goes. My Dad tried to lecture me the whole process but all I get is that the money will definitely grow. :) Thank you for sharing this with us.
kurs na wózki widÅ

Mary said...
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