Monday, October 26, 2009

Great season!

Riding yesterday and realized how lucky I am, this really has been a great season regardless of any "slowdown" due to treatment.
Never would have gotten through the year without friends like Frank, Raul and my lady Joan I may have gone crazy. They all took me to places I had never ridden before and would not have done if competing, it was great! The one race where I actually rode half ass and finished fourth helped a bit also.

NEMBA rides were very cool as well, had a great time on those as well with some great trails and other new places to mtn bike.

So I've been in/out of hospital for a few new chemo treatments and riding the whole time thankfully. Some people asked what I had been on and here they are: first new one BiCNU (carmustine) was brutal and felt like fire was being dripped through iv into your vein. Second was back on Temodar 40 mg daily instead of 1 large dose monthly, it has worked for many people that way.

Carmustine worked well but by second run it was growing again, the Temodar seemed to work for a bit but after three months I knew something was up, losing my balance, memory made me nervous. I even had even stopped riding and driving for a couple of weeks due to fear of seizures and balance issue.
Late September MRI showed tumor had grown three times the size so it was time to try something new.
Did the first run of Avastin on October second, (Friday) and rode 3 1/2 hours that Sunday, small change huh?
Go in again this Wednesday for MRI, third treatment and will know more but cannot wait for next season at this point, it will be nice to race for real again. Attached a photo of my last treatment, it is a quick twenty-twenty five minute iv and then you head home. No projectile vomiting from this either.
Thanks for reading all this update info, from here on out I'll focus on riding and keep this dumb info on the back burner.



GoBike said...

Good to see you and glad to hear new treatment is working out well. Keep up the healing, hope MRI looks good on Weds. Ride often and stay vertical :) - Pam

rick is! said...

We're pulling for you Michael. See you out there next year!

Wheels said...

Good to hear from you again! I hope you can hit up the CX finals and wow everyone by bunnyhopping the barriers!