Friday, May 16, 2008

Battenkill Roubaix and various info

Sorry for the not posting recently, been busy trying to recover and train.

I did Battenkill Roubaix last month and had a great time, that is until I blew up on the last climb and watched everyone ride away. Considering time off I felt great but caught some odd virus directly after that event and was off the bike almost two straight weeks.

Funny actually, was so dizzy could not even walk straight, must have looked great in public wandering around trying to get somewhere. Back on the bike and trying to catch up, should peak late in the season and that works well here in New England due to season length and cyclocross.

Yes, already thinking about cyclocross, what's wrong with me? :) I need to go to cycling anonymous meetings in order to deal with the fixation on it.
The 29er is 22.6 lbs set up for fast races and 23.3 for rough ones, that bike is da bomb! I am thrilled with it's performance at this point, just need to work on mine.

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rick is! said...

dang, that is super light. nice.

good luck with the recovery.