Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dreaming about 2010

Usually in the middle of February I start to dream about racing, odd, unrealistic dreams from lack of racing time. Well. I'm already having them from this past year and look forward to competing again next season.

11-6-09 did a ride up at Highland, NH freeride/dh mountain, brought back memories of my old DH days, I forgot how much fun it was. My friend Chris Z. dragged me out so I threw a bike together the night before and we all had a great time!

I think that some DH might be thrown into next season, occasional race helps technical riding on top of just being fun.

End of the day, in the locker room changing back into street clothes along with another rider who I know from somewhere, can't place him. As we're leaving he asks if we know each other, so we swap names and both chuckle.

It was Adam Craig, NORBA National Champion, who I raced against quite a bit when he was in Maine and still do at nationals, we have only seen the other in xc uniform which lead to no recognition.
We talked a bit and went our separate ways just like an old New England XC race, a cool end to a great day just like old times.

Looking forward to next season, 2010 is going to be great!


Suitcase of Courage said...

Those are some amazing pics! Great to see you out there and glad you're ok. Hope to see you sometime soon. -Chris

mooradian said...

Glad to see your doing well. Maybe you can add highbridge to your list of races for next year.

Raineman said...

Rock it Mike.

Glad your rippin at Highlands. Coaching the kids at UNH this year was an eye opener to the DH scene. We hosted the DH and DS at Highlands. Hardtails are the shite on a DS course. ;>)

Wheels said...

Hope you come out of the off-season strong Mike.

Snikrep Nitram said...

Looks like something much easier to go about especially for racers. Anyway, motorcycle rides are never a success without perfect mufflers like street bike exhausts which can sustain a long mileage while still performing on the road..

Wheels said...

I wish you had a better finish to the 2010 season. RIP