Wednesday, March 4, 2009

USA Cycling, where does our $ go?

USA cycling updated all semi pros to pro for 2009. Yes it is the riders choice to upgrade but how many pro racers does USA Cycling have?
If they had just 200 pro racers what is done with the thirty thousand made from licence fee for the riders? Certainly most result info is from nationals or road races can found on the site, lessen fees in these times for all of us.

More important are the beginner/sport/expert classes, without them NORBA does not exist, attention should be paid to them in magazines and more on the USA Cycling website. Just a page on results from each national for ALL classes in the magazines would help build mtb racing rather than three photos of the same pros on the techy dirt road climb/descent.

The ones whom pay bills and support the mtb races deserve attention, without them there would be NO NORBA.

3 comments: said...

200*150= $30,000
but I do agree where does the $ go? All mtb bike press should focus on something besides the 4 pro's who make a living in North America. What about the home town hero?

bikemike said...

andrew, can you tell i was in a hurry writing that?

i'm laughing pretty hard after reading it.

focus on that and those who are just starting, they really pay most of the bills.
ok let me me fixed my slight addition problem.

rick is! said...

ahhh, I missed it. what did you have for a number before mike?